According to Mark H McCormack, author of “What They Don’t Teach You at Harvard Business School”, the key to success is reading people. It simply means, the foundation of personal and job success is to know self, know others and adapting oneself to the behavioural characteristics of the environment.

The DISC Certification introduces you to the field of human behavioural science in an easy to grasp presentation. The training focuses on the four personalities model of Dominance, Influence, Steadiness and Compliance, called DISC in short. The course covers the way of our actions, its interpretation, administration, application and uses in our day-to-day situations. Participants will learn how to read people, communicate more effectively, appreciate perspectives of people, motivate, avoid unnecessary conflicts and increase effectiveness. The instrument is internationally used in the areas of Human Resource management, counseling, coaching, and consulting. On completion participants will be certified as a Human Behaviour Analyst.

The course has been so successful in America that one of their foremost corporate trainers, Zig Ziglar has this to say of our program, “‘Uniquely You’ (DISC) has a message America needs to hear.”


DISC provides an insight into an individual style that is more than adequate to predict the likely trends of people’s behaviour. It does this by evaluating four key dimensions in an individual. At its most basic level, DISC measures four factors of an individual’s behaviour: Dominance, Influence, Steadiness and Compliance. The real power of DISC comes from its ability to interpret the relations between these dimensions. How a high “Influence” person who has an equal high level of “Dominance”, will behave differently to an “Influence” individual without that “Dominance”. Using this information, DISC can be used to describe a person’s general approach, including their motivations and dislikes, strengths and potential risks, and some of the basic assumptions they make about other people. The instrument is internationally used in the areas of Human Resource management, counseling, coaching and consulting. On completion, participants will be accredited as a 'Certified Human Behaviour Consultant'. "The 'Certified Human Behaviour Consultant' title is jointly awarded by 'The Leadership Institute of America' and 'Management Centre of Asia Pte Ltd'".


We are glad to announce that we have commissioned an updated Asian version of the DISC profiling system.  As more and more people in Asia are using the DISC instrument, there is an urgent need to contextualize the DISC within an Asian culture.  Management Centre of Asia Pte Ltd has completed the research to customize the DISC and has now created 5 different norms – all of which can be used within Asia .  The contextualization of the DISC instrument to an Asian audience will offer greater clarity when comparing Asians with Asians.  We remain committed to offer tools that are user friendly and customized within an Asian environment.

Just a quick glance of what you can find in the upgrade of the DISC system:

System Features:

  1. 8 languages respondents can answer the questionnaire in:

Simplified Chinese 
Traditional Chinese 
Bahasa Malaysia 
Bahasa Indonesia 

  1. 5 Different norms


  1. System allows for unlimited multiple users
  2. No expiry of clicks or reports purchased
  3. Customization of invitation and reminder emails
  4. Automatic triggering of reminder emails
  5. Branding of company logo
  6. Uploading of respondents through an excel file.
  7. Option to send reports directly to respondents or to administer
  8. Ability to mass-build reports.

2-Day Accreditation

The following topics will be covered during the accreditation

Day 1 Background & theory of DISC
History of Personality Studies
Objectives & Learning Values of DISC
Reviewing your profile
Reading the DISC Language
Identifying natural motivations
Observable traits of the DISC
Advanced Interpretation
Day 2 Writing behaviourial blends
Solving the mystery of motivation
Job Enrichment
Team Building Dynamics
Selection & Job Enrichment
Framing interview questions
Stress & Conflict management


For further enquiries on the DISC Accreditation, please direct them to our administrative assistant at 6333-1151 or email us at admin@magnactr.com.

Testimonials of Accredited Users

"I had a great time at the recent DISC certification programme where Daniel, our facilitator was not only very knowledgeable about the instrument, but could also help us connect the dots in terms of how we could use it for our professional purposes. The workshop was highly interactive and with sufficient exercises, and learning activities to bring the otherwise detailed material to life. Certainly a course worth attending and looking forward to be updated on the upgrade of the DISC tool."

David Lim, Chief Motivation Officer, Everest Motivation Team

"The DISC accreditation course was facilitated by Daniel who has been in the industry for more than a decade (perhaps even much longer). The session was enriching as he had managed to condense the complexity of the tool into a simplified framework for the participants to grasp. He had the knowledge to address the queries posed by the participants and was able to draw real-life examples to illustrate the point evidently. Daniel had also complemented his lesson with case studies to demonstrate the effectiveness of the tool as well as providing platforms for the participants to test out their understanding on the usage of the tool. The class size was ideal which allowed maximum communication between the facilitator and participants. Daniel had also created an environment for participants to ask questions and to seek clarification. I have left the place with better interpretation on DISC and strongly believed that I would emulate his methodology to deliver my future class."

Teng Song Guan, Senior Trainer, Prison Staff Training School

"Daniel has many years of experience in DISC assessment and coaching. He engaged his participants very well by sharing his live cases that made the course interesting and practical. The program was well structured, and delivered difficult concepts of human behaviour into bite-size, easy to understand modules, without overloading with theories ad tools alone. His facilitation through activities and peer learning helped me to understand different job contexts with relations to personality profile. The class size is optimum that provided ample quality interactions between the participants and Daniel, yet with no compromise to experience sharing amongst the participants. I am now equipped with DISC with my other assessment toolkits to provide more options for my clients according to context to provide a more holistic coaching service. This is a course that I certainly will recommend to people from all walks of life for self-awareness, career options and life-choices."

Foo Ming Tay, Director, Goshen Consilium Pte Ltd

"The 2 days DISC Accreditation programme facilitated by Mr Daniel Teo was really insightful.  He is a great facilitator and must be credited for his ability to engage the participants in a fun and  non-threatening manner.  He introduced us to a personality profiling tool which could measure one’s personality type through one’s outward behaviour.  It is interesting to know how DISC divides people into 4 different behavioural groups.  The different case studies that Daniel shared gave us a deeper appreciation of the complexity of the tool.  This knowledge would definitely help me to sharpen my inter-personal and people management skills.  The group was small and this provided great interaction opportunities both in class and over lunch.  The 2 days was really enriching for me."

Rosalind Tan, Assistant Director, Singapore Anti-Narcotics Association

"The 2-day DISC Accreditation course by Daniel Teo has provided me with a positive and more constructive way of understanding myself and valuing differences between people. The good use of practical examples has enabled me to better grasp the DISC concepts and language so that I could leverage on one another’s strengths to improve personal and organizational results. Daniel Teo communicated in an interesting way that was easy to understand, provided answers to queries generously and clarified points unreservedly. He was able to reframe my perception about people around me and I am so excited to begin using this new-found skill at work. The course carries my highest recommendation for anyone who endeavours to enhance their skills in commanding multiple doors of communication, not just at work but in their personal life as well."

Liza Ow, Principal, Tanglin School, Association for Persons with Specials Needs

“I attended the DISC Accreditation course with Daniel in November 2013. I found the course to be of great value and gained very useful skills. The course was highly interactive and helped all of the participants feel at ease with each other, and had a lot of fun discovering each other’s styles. The course material was comprehensive and I particularly enjoyed Daniel’s flexibility during the program. No subject was off the table, providing that it would help us learn and understand the bigger picture of profiling and human behaviour. I would highly recommend this course for anyone wanting to gain DISC accreditation. The location is easy to get to, the food was fantastic and they made sure they accommodated all our individual needs. The staff was really friendly and I left the course having gained new skills and knowledge, and also new friends. Quite a treat in today’s times!”

Isabel Valle, Global Coach

I highly recommend this DISCAsiaPlus Accreditation Program to any professional trainers who want to deliver DISC workshop on their own.  Daniel Teo is an excellent trainer with sound knowledge on DISC theory and its applications.  Through fun and effective activities, we can easily grasp how each personality trait relates to ourselves and our colleagues.  For me, the greatest benefit I’ve gained from this course is the importance that motivation and team building plays in organization development.  I’m greatly inspired!  Daniel Teo makes DISC simple to learn and effective to apply, which has equipped me to design and deliver DISC workshop to my clients.

Alice Eng, Director, LivingStone Talent Consulting Ltd, Hong Kong

"I’ve heard many positive things about DISC and it’s only by attending the two-day accreditation training did it provide me with greater insight and appreciation of the tool. All along, I thought DISC was a personality tool until Daniel, the trainer explained that personality comprises of several super structures that DISC does not measure.  It makes great sense to know that DISC is a behavioral tool!

The accreditation programme is structured and organized that facilitated the learning process.  I learn to appreciate all the DISC styles and the strengths and potential risks that individuals exhibited. There are no weak, bad, strong or good styles. We need to work with all styles and to complement one another to improve effectiveness and performance – diversity is key to success. For that, I think I learn to better appreciate my own strengths! On reflection, I now understand why I am sometimes uncomfortable with working with certain colleagues. Having an understanding of the other person’s style will now help me quickly adapt and progress in work.

The class agrees that Daniel has a wealth of experience but I personally am most impressed at the depth of knowledge he has in DISC and other personality and behavioral tools. Not many trainers I have met are into further research of the tools they train. Daniel has researched and explored regional Asian data to make it more applicable and meaningful to our region.  This has been a very rewarding and intellectually stimulating two-day training."

Yvonne Yeo, Training & Performance Manager, Life Technologies Holdings Pte Ltd

"During my two-days of DISC Accreditation training on 2 & 3 May 2013, I have a greater understanding of the different facets of the people around me.  It is interesting to know how DISC divides people into 4 major groups.  This knowledge will definitely help me to sharpen my selling, management & inter-personal skill both in my job & in my personal life.  There were ample interaction with my classmates & as such, we got to know each other better in a very short time.  Daniel, our trainer, is well versed in this topic & I am amazed with his passion and knowledge in the world of psychometric tools.  He was able to lead the class well and was encouraging in opening up our minds.

I find this training value-for-money. Sarah the administrator has done a good job in the organization of the programme from registration to logistic to meals and following-up after the course.  She is indeed a great assistant!  Thanks again & I am glad to be able to know you & hope to keep in touch !"

Prestine Lim, Sales Director, Wang Limo Pte Ltd

"I had the pleasure of attending the DISC Accreditation program facilitated by Daniel. A most engaging session that I have seen and experienced for a while. The program was well structured, made complexity of the tool easy to comprehend, and most importantly, gave confidence to me that I would be able to exploit the strength of the tool well in the course of my work. I was also enlightened on how I can possibly complement DISC with my other assessment toolkit, much with the help of Daniel patiently sharing his vast experience on psychometric instruments. Small class that provided ample quality interactions between the participants and Daniel, yet with no compromise to experience sharing amongst the participants. In fact, we left the session learning much about each other through the activities. Certainly a course worth attending and looking forward to be updated on the upgrade of the DISC tool." 

Jonathan Poh, Managing Consultant, Master Coach, Krempl Communications International

"The DISC accreditation course was an eye-opener for me and most useful in the course of my work as a life-stylist and image consultant. I gained many insights into the 4 main personalities and while I had expected this to be a relatively technical course, Daniel was able to make the course interactive, fun and relevant for us through his years of experience, professionalism and vast expanse of knowledge. He was also very helpful and generous with his knowledge, tips and strategies. I would definitely recommend this course to trainers who wish to gain insights into personality profiling and reading people!"

Ms. KIM-CHUA (MA-Educational Studies, Uni. of York, UK) (MSc in Asian Studies, RSIS-NTU)
Director, WINK! Charisma Pte Ltd

"The DISC accreditation training was interesting and provided a good opportunity for the participants to learn from Daniel and the participants. As part of the course, I also received a detailed DISC report and this gave me another perspective to enhance my self-awareness. The sharing of ideas from other participants was an excellent source for my learning. The facilitator Daniel Teo, demonstrated an excellent understanding of DISC, both theory and applications. His facilitation style helped the team learn from each other. One noteworthy observation was his openness to ideas helped each and everyone to contribute from their experiences. These two days of learning were enriching and meaningful. Another excellent point about this training was the ‘lunch-time interactions’ in one of the restaurants, the learning continued from class to the dinning table.” 

Koh Cheng Boon, Senior Lecturer, Nanyang Technological University - Nanyang Business School (Strategy, Management and Organization)

"Daniel is a very experienced trainer in DISC certification. Before attending this course I had only a vague idea of what DISC was all about. After the two day course, I realised that I should have attended this course much earlier as it helps me to “read and identify” my strengths and weakness effectively.

This is an essential skill for all working adults to learn as it will definitely help them to be more conscious of their styles and those they work with. This will in turn lead to greater productivity as our personalities influence the results we are getting in work and life.  By relating to key individuals whether they are our co workers, business partners, friends and our loved ones, we learn to see ourselves in the world of relational connectivity as leadership excellence is about influence.  Hence knowing DISCAsiaPlus has been instrumental in improving my personal growth.  This is a program I strongly recommend all professionals, managers and executives to attend as early as possible in their careers."

George Tay, Lecturer, Leadership Programmes, National Community Leadership Institute 

“During the two days of DISC accreditation training , I learned about a number of strengths I have including strengths other types bring into a team. I also learned about how much have I adapted and what other ways can I adapt in order to succeed in certain contexts. The gaps I discovered between my perceived self and real self were insightful – I got more clarity on why certain things turned out to be that way. I have now learnt how to do a summary report on a person’s profile which will be very useful to my work. The contribution of ideas from other participants were a source for my learning in addition to the facilitator. Daniel Teo, the facilitator demonstrated thorough understanding of DISC, both theory and applications. His broader experience with the world of psychometric instruments added flavour to the discussions. His style of pulling back during discussions, helped the team learn from each other and his openness to ideas helped each and every one to contribute from their experiences."

Denver Moses Training Manager, Asia Pacific, Bausch + Lomb (S) Pte Ltd

"The DISC Accreditation Course conducted by Mr Daniel Teo of Management Centre of Asia Pte Ltd was an insightful two-day learning experience. We got to understand a very useful personality profiling tool and apply the insights of what it measures in various combinations of dominance, influence, steadiness and compliance in human behaviour. Having been in training situations for more than 20 years working with groups and individuals, and already being familiar with both the DISC and MBTI instruments, I was pleasantly surprised to find myself gaining a far keener appreciation of the value of the instrument for training, coaching and consulting purposes than I had anticipated. I attribute this to Daniel’s expert knowledge of the instrument and his experience in training, which made it possible for him to make spot on insights through carefully prepared teachable moments for us. I strongly recommend the DISC Accreditation Course by Management Centre of Asia for anyone who is serious about developing human potential."

Bernard Lee, Founder and Principal Consultant, GATES Global Pte Ltd

"This workshop has given me fresh insights into DISC as a behavior assessment tool. The compact 2- day workshop has been facilitated by Daniel Teo who is both articulate and effective in his training approach, making it enjoyable and a great learning experience for all the participants. I have personally benefitted in knowledge and application and would recommend it highly to others. I have increased my self knowledge so as to adapt and foster more constructive and collaborative group interactions. Increasing greater self awareness will also help me gain a better understanding of my own motivations, stresses, strengths and areas for improvement. All in all, a really worthwhile program! The adminstration and prompt follow ups have added the finishing touches to a great customer experience too. Thank you Daniel and team!"

Angelina Kong, Principal Trainer, NTUC Learning Hub

"Driven by both interest and curiosity towards understanding facets of human behaviour, I attended the 2 days DISC accreditation programme on 19th & 20th April 2012. Daniel Teo, President and CEO of Management Centre of Asia Pte Ltd was our facilitator. Applying his deep experience in psychometrics, he was able to distil the work of Dr. William M. Marston’s development of the DISC tool to meet the needs of an Asian audience. This provided a more accurate interpretation and understanding of our behaviour given its closer association and context. Daniel’s facilitative and encouraging style elucidated a richness of learning and personal sharing by all participants. It was both an humbling yet edifying experience ."

Finian Yeo (Mr)

"Daniel's DISC workshop was truly an enriching experience for me. His understanding of the psycho-statistical underpinning the DISC personality as well as the differences due to cultural factors impressed me the most. Daniel's facilitation was lively and went with the energy of the group. When he noticed that the energy of the group was about to go down, he immediately switched to an interactive activity which helped sustain the engagement level of the participants. The stories and experience shared by Daniel in reading and interpreting the different DISC profile was insightful. I became more confident interpreting DISC profile as a result of his workshop."

Lee Kang Yam, Chief Learning Curator, The Flame Centre Pte Ltd

"Attending the two days' DISC accreditation workshop with Mr Daniel Teo has given me a great vast of insights into myself and the people whom I need to interact and build quality relationship with, in work and in personal life.

I was surprised and fascinated by the uniqueness of the different personalities; in terms of their values and vision, the words they choose to use for communication, their body languages etc are interpreted and displayed in different ways. Even a task that is direct and basic to me would be viewed in different angles and comes with different meanings to each and all!

This workshop has given me a better understanding of myself, the gaps between my work personality and my real-self personality. The acquired knowledge will support me to better realize my potentials and to adapt and enhance quality and positive interaction and development with people. I am sure that DISC is a great tool for me to deploy at work to recognise, understand and complement the qualities and strengths of my staff; to bring out the best in them as an individual and as a team member. I would like to compliment Mr Daniel Teo, our facilitator, who has demonstrated his theory and application expertise in the subject efficiently. His ability to lead and develop a conduciveness among the participants towards open sharing and learning from each other is greatly beneficial to all. 

Thank you Daniel for the great learning experience and insights!"

Choo Lee Lian, Director, CLS Int'l Marketing Pte Ltd

"It was a magnificent workshop learning to work with different DISC types. Distance didn’t seem to be an issue for some as one of the attendees in my class came from another country just to attend the course! I could see the reason why, as this was indeed a very fruitful course for me. The tool could be used in many different areas of my work. One of the applications was to use it in within my career coaching for clients. Our trainer, Daniel, was able to give many real life examples to help us understand the topics better. The methodologies that he used throughout the 2 days ensured that every participant knew DISC at the back of their hand. Daniel is very focused when facilitating. He ensured that everyone had the opportunity to participate in discussions, never leaving anyone out. He was also forthcoming in sharing his knowledge and answered all our questions. Additionally, he seemed to be able to tell if someone had a question. There was a spot-on moment for me during the workshop where he sensed that I had further query, he took the initiative to ask me directly and it turned out that I actually had! Additionally, I was very satisfied with the meals provided during the workshop. Every tea-break and lunch provided participants a chance to have quality interaction with each other. I believe the class was amazingly engaging and interesting, and I’m sure all the attendees had the same positive takeaway as I did."

Ben Liew, HR Manager, Abwin Pte Ltd

"This was truly an insightful programme that benefits the individual and those who are involved in the Human Resource function. Throughout the two days, presentations were interactive and discussions were well facilitated. There was a good sharing of experiences between facilitator and participants which furthermore enriched the learning. The trainer, Daniel Teo, is knowledgeable in the subject matter. As a result of completing the 2 days course, I now have an in-depth understanding of DISC profiling and I am confident of interpreting the graphs. I would also strongly recommend this programme for those who are exploring and/or planning to use DISC for personal development and organisational development purposes. This course is truly a worthy investment of your time and money".

Mohamed Afdzal Bin Mohamed Ibrahim, Executive, Human Resource Strategic Unit, Islamic Religious Council of Singapore (MUIS)

“During the tow days of DISC accreditation training , I learned about a number of strengths I have including strengths other types bring into a team context. I realised how complementing each other with their own strengths can lead to team performance and productivity. What seemed to be conflicts were really just different ways of approaching an issue – this insight helped me become more accommodative of team diversity. I also learned about how much have I adapted and what other ways can I adapt in order succeed in certain contexts. The gaps I discovered between my perceived self and real self were insightful – I got more clarity on why certain things turned out to be that way. The contribution of ideas from other participants were a source for my learning in addition to the facilitator. Daniel Teo, the facilitator demonstrated thorough understanding of DISC, both theory and applications. His broader experience with the world of psychometric instruments added flavour to the discussions. His style of pulling back during discussions, helped the team learn from each other and his openness to ideas helped each and every one to contribute from their experiences. I will remember the two days of full filled learning as a major step in my career growth.”

Mr. Jayan Warrier, Management Consultant

"The 2 days DISC Accreditation Training was a wow experience, both for me and my wife, Suann.  Particularly during the concluding session - when I was able to write a one page description on the behavioural style of one of the participants, based on his graphs.  I was truly amazed.  Daniel is a great facilitator and possesses a well-deep knowledge and appreciation of psychometric process and instruments.  He listens well and gathers the input of the participants to enhance our learning from him and from one another.  I do believe we learned much those 2 days.

It was a time of self-discovery, especially when I learned of my behaviour style: strengths - non-strengths - leadership style & needs.  Beyond that, I was able to appreciate others in my home, the work place and in social context. How and why they behave the way they behave.  This understanding will enable me to deal with conflicts that may appear in our interpersonal relationships in diverse situations.  Another discovery I made is that I can learn to manage my behaviour according to the situations that I face daily.  This knowledge has liberated me to understand that behaviours are dependent on environmental factors and though I may be adapting to the needs in different situations, I am basically who I am.

My wife and I will remember the two days of fun-filled learning and interestingly we still do talk about Daniel's style of training and facilitation."

Supramaniam Kris, EQ Trainer (Coach), Pro-Biz India

“Knowing the DISC has certainly been very useful to me, both on a work and personal level. As a trainer, it is important that I am able to communicate and engage my participants in a manner that they are responsive to. Knowing the DISC has increased my effectiveness and versatility in this aspect. As a result, my ability to connect with my audience was raised to a new and exciting level! With the DISC knowledge I am better equip to understand different behavioural inclinations and communication styles of people and, I’ve been able to match expectations in terms of learning and interaction preferences. This accreditation course is a must for anyone who wants a fresh insight into understanding people better!”

Ms Christina Seet, Regional Director, Organisational Development, Jebsen & Jessen (SEA) Pte Ltd

“The DISC accreditation course was handled in personalized approach allowing a more interactive learning between trainer and trainees. The trainer Daniel Teo was hands on and obviously experienced in the area of personal profiling tools. Though the course duration was 2 days only, I found the programme substantial and with frequent practice DISC will be very useful in the areas of training, recruitment, performance management, career management, applying appropriate leadership styles, approaching selling, and facilitating team building.” 

Ms Maria Rosario Che Yaneza, Senior Consultant

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Downloads  &  Samples

  1. Brochure English

  2. Brochure Chinese

  3. DISCAsiaPlus Preview

  4. The Art & Science of Reading People - Preview

  5. DISC Accreditation

  6. Emotional Response

  7. DISC Sample Report

At a Glance

  • 24 questions
  • Average time to complete: 15 mins
  • Online internet system
  • Individual Account setup available
  • Narrative report
  • Allows individual build-up of report features
  • Available in 4 languages
  • Research based on Asians


  • Background & Theory of DISC
  • History of Personality Studies
  • Objectives & Learning values of DISC
  • Reviewing your own profile
  • Reading the DISC Language
  • Identifying natural motivations
  • Observable traits of DISC
  • Graph Interpretation (Advanced)
  • Writing Behavourial Blends
  • Solving the mystery of motivation
  • Effective Communication
  • Job Enrichment
  • Team Building Dynamics
  • Selective Job Enrichment
  • Framing Interview Questions
  • Stress & Conflict Managment


  • Increased understanding of self and others
  • Progress from a manager of people to a leader of people
    Increased influence and reduced staff turnover
  • Increased work productivity and communication
  • Build effective teams
  • Resolve and minimize conflicts
  • Gain commitment and cooperation
  • Dealing with changes positively
  • Bring out the best in others

For  Whom?

  • Managers & Directors
  • HR Personnel
  • Team Leaders & Supervisors
  • Management Consultants & Organisation Development Practitioners
  • Trainers & Counsellors 

About  the  Trainer

Daniel Teo, received his MSc. in Organizational Psychology from The University of London and Master from Regent College, an affiliated member with The University of British Columbia, Vancouver Canada. 

He has been appointed the Asian Director and Principal Trainer by “Uniquely You" & "The Leadership Institute of America" and “Envisia Learning Ltd” UK. Both organisations have provided consulting and assessment advice to America’s and UK's top companies including Walt Disney World, Motorola, AT&T, Acura, Amercian Express, Toyota, etc. 

As the Principal Trainer to Asia, he has trained and accredited close to 600 Organisational Leaders, Heads of Departments, Human Resource Personnel, Trainers and Counsellors in using and administering the ‘The Leadership Institute of America’ DISC Personality Profile System. 

Daniel's experience with psychometric assessments include DISC Personality profiling, FIRO B, and Facet5 (Big 5 Personality Model), StressScan, Emotional Intelligence (People Index) and Thinking Styles. He not only administers the Personality assessments, but also trains and accredits others to interpret them. He is regarded as a Master Trainer who accredits organisations on the use and interpretation on both the DISC Personality Profiling as well as Facet5. He provides advisory services to management consultants on 360 Degree Feedback instruments, and accredits organisations in the use of Career Profile Inventory, StressScan and People Index, an Emotional Intelligence instrument. He appeared “live” on radio interviews with MediaCorp Radio 93.8 “The Living Room”. 

His latest radio interview was on a comparative study between Western and Mainland Chinese personalities and the implications on business and personnel management. This was a research study initiated and research by Daniel and his team.