Think Smart - Developing the Thinking Performer

  • supporting the CIPD's new professional standards
  • a quick and cost-effective way to understand your thinking styles
  • 10 powerful and effective techniques to revolutionise the way you work
  • your first step towards cognitive fitness™

Think Smart has been developed to help understand some of the different ways in which people think. It identifies thinking strengths and potential ‘weak spots’ and explains how to develop thinking strategies and flexibility. Think Smart gives powerful and effective thinking strategies which can be applied to all areas of work. This can lead to improved success at work through spending time developing thinking skills.

Through a 74 item questionnaire, the Think Smart profile measures preference levels for 10 different styles of thinking. These are divided into Sensory Focus, People Focus and Task Focus.

Think Smart is available to individuals to complete on-line using our fully automated on-line system. Simply pay by credit card, complete the questionnaire and the report is available upon completion as a PDF document for self interpretation. We also have options available for organisations and Independent consultants - contact us for details.

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  • 74 questions
  • 10 dimensions
  • internet system
  • software
  • paper scoring
  • bureau processing
  • easy to read report

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