Mankind has been thinking about thinking since the time of the ancient Greeks. Thinking Styles offers you a very useful way of learning about different styles of thinking and understanding the implications and uses of each type.

The original concept for the Thinking Styles psychometric was developed by Fiona Beddoes-Jones in 1995 as a means of adding value to personal and professional development programmes.

Thinking Styles measures peoples' cognitive and linguistic preferences and levels of flexibility at work for twenty-six 'types' of thinking (dimensions). It does not measure your thinking ability, nor is it a measure of your 'intelligence'.

Thinking Styles has a unique scoring system. Not only does it identify and measure the degree to which you like thinking in a particular way, it also measures the degree to which you dislike thinking in a particular way, i.e. there may be elements of certain styles of thinking that you positively dislike doing!

Version 1 of Thinking Styles was launched in 1997 as a beta instrument. Thinking Styles Version 2, supported by reliability and validity data, was launched in April 2001.

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