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Realizing the talent of people is a constant priority for organizations. This involves careful attention to Recruitment, Selection, Team Integration, Leadership & Management and Career development at all levels. Many of these fields have developed greatly in recent years often producing their own set of models and languages, which must be learned and understood.

Facet5 is a model of personality, which allows managers to understand how people differ in their behavior, motivation, attitudes and aspirations. It is based on recent developments in personality theory and management development and yet is simple and practical to use.

Facet5 can be applied in all of these areas and can provide a common language. The simplicity and robustness of Facet5 makes it ideal for use in any situation where individual differences are important. Personnel professionals and line management alike can use it to understand and manage staff individually and in teams. It also provides a solid structure for individuals to learn about themselves, their interactions with others and the strategies available to ensure effective teamwork.

Facet5 works at all levels from individual assessment through selection, recruitment and team integration. Facet5 can even be extended to understand culture and values at a team or corporate level.

The web based Facet5 process means that questionnaires can be accessed globally and reports are available immediately the questionnaire is completed on the web. All output is presented on screen with powerful graphical displays of key data. The Facet5 system will produce:

• An overall Facet5 profile
• A breakdown into 13 sub-factors
• Impression Management statistics
• A ‘family portrait’ summarising the key points

In addition, a fully formatted report can be downloaded in .pdf format and can be printed or emailed as required.




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