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"I have been using Manager View 360 with my clients for over two years and find it superior... The report is easy to read and understand...Envisia Tools is extremely responsive both to myself and to my clients...I recommend them wholeheartedly."
-Judi Craig, Ph.D., MCC, President, Executive Coach, COACH SQUARED, INC.

Talent Accelerator is a comprehensive web-based personal and professional development tool to help your clients understand their online assessments and assist them in implementing a plan for their professional development.

Talent Accelerator will provide your clients with a guided process for developmental planning based on best practices of how people change. The online tool is designed to help translate awareness from all of our assessments into lasting behavior change.

Talent Accelerator is equipped with an extensive and continuously updated competency-based library of resources including books, articles and other valuable development tools linked to each assessment you've selected for your client.

Development Tools within Talent Accelerator:

  • Development Resource Library: Talent Accelerator resource library provides a comprehensive source of readings, websites, media, and suggestions to facilitate your client's development.

  • Development Suggestions: For each assessment tool, specific developmental suggestions or tips are provided for your client to try on the job to enhance their effectiveness.

  • Development Planning "Wizard": Our development "wizard" will walk your client through their assessment report and provide a structured way to allowing them to focus on those behaviors that are most important.

  • Feedback Reports: Talent Accelerator provides you and your client with an electronic copy of your assessment summary report.

  • Automated Reminders: Talent Accelerator allows your client to select how often they want the system to send them reminders about due dates on their development plan. As a coach, consultant or trainer you will also have the option of receiving daily emails summarizing development plan updates for your clients.

  • Development Journal: Talent Accelerator provides an opportunity for participants to maintain a confidential journal to reflect on their reactions and feelings about their developmental journey.

  • Coaching Feedback: You will have access to all of your clients' development plans as they are created and updated. You will be able to monitor their progress and add comments.

For more information about Talent Accelerator, please contact us for a free demonstration.

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