off-the-shelf 360 feedback tools

consultingtools provides a range of well-researched off-the-shelf tools designed by experienced 360° feedback specialists.

Communication Effectiveness Questionnaire
A short questionnaire concentrating on the vital business area of communication. It focuses purely on methods of communication and is ideal for evaluation and improvement processes.


Provides an objective summary of executive strengths and areas of development. ExecutiveView360 is designed for senior level managers and executives in all industries. Suitable for executive coaching services executive education programs, and succession planning. (part of ViewSuite360)

Executive Feedback Questionnaire
Executives and individuals with or without management responsibilities can use this tool to develop a plan for working more effectively with others.

Aimed at senior management it can help to develop masterful leadership qualities. LeaderView360 produces a powerful, graphical report which is easy to analyze. It includes a practical Individual Effectiveness Plan with active coaching notes. (part of ViewSuite360)

Leadership Feedback Questionnaire
Assesses leadership effectiveness, measuring current and expected performance. It is aimed at senior managers and directors who need an in-depth analysis of strengths and development needs.

A comprehensive tool for a rigorous, in-depth report of strengths and developmental needs. It is aimed at middle to senior managers who would prefer a more detailed and extensive analytical developmental tool. (part of ViewSuite360)

Provides an objective summary of your employees' strengths and areas of development along fourteen critical competences required for competitive performance. It is designed for non-supervisory or non-management personnel. (part of ViewSuite360)

One of our most popular 360 feedback tools. It measures the individual's contribution to the team and evaluates each person's score against the team average. A quick and simple tool that provides an all-round view of each team member. (part of ViewSuite360)

A powerful tool that evaluates the whole team's performance and compares it with the customers' views. It emphasizes the importance of customer relations and establishes links between the team's work and the quality of their output. (part of ViewSuite360)

Transformational Leadership Questionnaire
An effective tool for leaders who really want to make a difference and not simply manage. It differentiates between management and leadership abilities and analyses the competences needed for each.

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