internet scoring
consultingtools offers secure data capture from any workstation with internet access to give respondents:
  • easy access and use
  • complete confidentiality
  • convenience

consultingtools provides a fast and efficient assessment service that keeps pace with today's environment. The tools, reports and websites are customized to integrate with your corporate identity and all data collected is completely private and confidential. Participant details are only viewed by your appointed feedback representative and the recipient, and are never disclosed to any other person or organization.

The on-line respondent tracking system allows you to see at any time who has completed, and our data processing bureau service tracks and collects data for you and can act as a project support help-desk.

Once collected, data is processed to produce full color reports which are sent to the feedback representative either electronically or as a hard paper copy. Data collected on-line and processed through consultingtools can also be fed-back to participants through our ReportViewer360 software.

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  • customized for client
  • secure
  • user friendly







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