TeamView360 is one of our most popular 360° feedback tools. It measures the individuals contribution to the team and evaluates each persons score against the team average. A quick and simple tool that provides an all-round view of each team member.

This tool focuses on self-development within the team and helps to convert team intentions into individual actions. Each person within the team will gain a better understanding of his or her strengths, limitations and developmental areas.

TeamView360 measures each individual's scores compared to the team members and the teams' average scores. It uses 31 team orientated behaviors within 7 major competencies:

  • Problem solving
  • Planning
  • Controlling
  • Self-management
  • Managing relationships
  • Leading
  • Communication

These results are used to produce a powerful, graphical report with an easy-to-follow Personal Effectiveness Plan for each team member.

This tool is ideal for bringing focus to the team development process by tracking team performance through each individual. It can be used effectively alongside its sister program, TeamWorks360, which measures overall team performance and compares it with the customers' views.



  • 31 questions
  • 7 competencies
  • software
  • internet/paper scoring
  • bureau processing
  • easy to read report

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