ManagerView360 is a comprehensive tool for rigorous, in-depth report of strengths and developmental needs. It is aimed at middle to senior managers who would prefer a more detailed analysis and comprehensive development tool. With explicit information and appropriate feedback individuals can accomplish continuous self, team and organizational advancement.

ManagerView360 is one of our most popular tools that measures 20 critical managerial competencies using a 100 item questionnaire and incorporates skills in:

  • Communication
  • Interpersonal skills
  • Task management
  • Problem solving

The full-colour report is comprised of expert descriptive, interpretative and developmental suggestions including:

  • Most and least frequently observed behaviours
  • Range of high and low scores from each staff group
  • Interpretive feedback report
  • Overall group summary
  • Comprehensive summary feedback report with developmental recommendations
  • Ability to customize report to produce specific recommendations

The ManagerView360 scale was designed using job analysis data from over 7,000 management positions. It provides a more extensive analysis than LeaderView360 and is suited to a thorough developmental program.



  • 100 questions
  • 20 competencies
  • software
  • internet/paper scoring
  • bureau processing
  • easy to read report

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