Leading people can pose many challenges. Few people master them all equally well. With the help of an expert tool you can provide individuals with the appropriate support they need to increase talents and sharpen under-developed skills. LeaderView360 is aimed at senior management and can help to develop masterful leadership qualities.

LeaderView360 produces a powerful, graphical report which is easy to analyze and feed back. It includes a practical Individual Effectiveness Plan with active coaching notes. The top and bottom five behaviors are detailed for each staff group and developmental recommendations are suggested. Comparison notes are also available for before-and-after scenarios to show performance changes over time.

The questionnaire is quick to complete with only 35 concise leadership behavior items based on 7 major competences:

  • Planning
  • Problem solving
  • Controlling
  • Self management
  • Managing relationships
  • Leading
  • Communicating

LeaderView360 can be used with a normalized database or actual scores.

Disclaimer : Service will be provided from mid 2004 onwards.



  • 35 questions
  • 7 competencies
  • software
  • internet/paper scoring
  • bureau processing
  • easy to read report

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