By comparing one's perception with those of one's manager, direct reports, peers and other team members, Executive View360 provides an objective summary of executive strengths and areas of development along twenty-two critical competencies required for competitive performance. Executive View360 is designed for senior level managers and executives in all industries.

Executive View360 is suitable for executive coaching services executive education programs, and succession planning.

  • Performance Leadership
    - Visionary Leadership
    - Drive for Results
    - Technological Leadership
    - Financial Leadership
    - Cross Functional Versatility
    - Depth of Industry Knowledge
    - Political Leadership
    - Strategic Problem Analysis
    - Decision Making
  • Change Leadership
    - Entrepreneurial Leadership
    - Driving Strategic Direction
    - Driving Change
    - Decisiveness/Judgment
    - Interpersonal Leadership
    - Build Strategic Relationships
    - Empowering Others
    - Team Building
  • Interpersonal Effectiveness
    - Oral Communication/Presentation
    - Influence/Negotiation
    - Coaching/Talent Development
  • Personal Leadership
    - Self-Development
    - Adaptability/Flexibility
    - Engenders Trust


  • x questions
  • 22 competencies
  • software
  • internet/paper scoring
  • bureau processing
  • easy to read report

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